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Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 FLASHPOINT is a Canadian police drama that follows the lives of the highly trained officers who comprise the Special Response Unit, an elite squad that handles hostage situations, armed standoffs, attempted suicides, bomb threats, and other high-risk missions. These jobs often escalate into conflicts that require both expert marksmanship and a knack for human intuition, which calls on the skills of Sgt. Gregory Parker (Enrico Colantoni) and his team of negotiators and snipers, including Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) and Jules Callahan (Amy Jo Johnson).

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 Plenty of cop shows — especially the American ones — glamorize the action and skirt around the issue of emotional fallout; this one deserves credit for steering the focus toward the characters’ feelings at play in these life-and-death situations. Rather than sticking to visual drama and suspense, the show attempts to tell the back stories that impact the actions of the cops as well as the offenders. The result is a more cerebral take on the standard police drama like Law & Order, with the obvious omission of any courtroom scenes allowing more time to explore the characters’ state of mind and motivations for their actions.Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1  In some cases, this blurs the line between black and white, right and wrong, reflecting the complicated nature of the law when it’s filtered through human emotions.

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 That said, the fact that Flashpoint almost goes out of its way to portray a shooting as a negative experience can bog the show down a bit. Some scenarios warrant using lethal force on an offender, but the decision to do so is a lengthy, agonizing one. On one hand, it gives viewers a better sense of the issues at play in a real-world version of the events; on the other, it works against the show’s entertainment factor.Ultimately, though, this is a heady commentary on the work of elite public servants whose jobs put them in harm’s way and force them to make life-and-death decisions every day.

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 Back in March of this year, Universal Channel announced that they had secured the rights to Canadian drama series Flashpoint and would begin airing the series on March 19th. Universal kept airing the series weeknights at 8pm and had, rather quickly, arrived at the end of season 3 in which the character Edward Lane was shot, ending that season on a cliffhanger. Since then we have received a number of questions on the series that revolved around 1) Universal’s labelling of seasons and 2) when the series would return. Leading us to today’s question from Sarah, which asked "What the hell is going on with Flashpoint on Universal Channel? Is it coming back?” I’ll answer these as best I can below:

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 When the series launched on Universal, there appears to have been some confusion as to which episodes belonged to which seasons (but any US or Canadian readers will know this is hardly unique to Universal Channel here in the UK). To be clear, Universal labelled episodes 1-31 as "season 1″ and episodes 32-44 as "season 2.” Our US & Canadian readers (or anyone who cared to check on wikipedia) will know season 1 consisted of 13 episodes, followed by 18 episodes in season 2 and a further 13 episodes in season 3. So, to be clear, yes the seasons were mislabelled and Universal have previously shown seasons 1-3.

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 This is another question we were asked a lot as Universal’s initial announcement was rather vague. However, back in August TVWise confirmed that the deal Universal signed for Flashpoint was a life of series deal and as such they have the rights to all seasons of the show for as long as it’s made. Unfortunately, the producers have decided to end Flashpoint after season 5.

Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 Unfortunately not. It’s true that earlier this week I was told by Universal that new episodes would return in October and I tweeted that fact. However, while Flashpoint will return to Universal Channel in October it won’t be new episodes. It seems someone at Universal has realised their faux pas over the titling of seasons and have scheduled a repeat of season 3, this time actually titled as season 3. Those episodes from the show’s third season will begin airing on weeknights at 8pm from Monday October 22nd. On the upside I’m told that they will then lead into the UK premiere of the fourth season in Mid-November.Flashpoint Season 5 Episode 1 TVWise will bring you the UK Premiere Date for the fourth season of Flashpoint just as soon as it is announced by Universal Channel.

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